10 Easy Dinners Kids Can Help Cook

Want your kids to eat more healthy dinners? We have a fun solution: get 'em cooking! Studies show that children who help with meal prep are more likely to make nutritious food choices. And there's plenty that even the littlest helpers can do to help make quick work of mealtime prep—from washing veggies and measuring ingredients, to assembling the final dish. Here, we've gathered some of our family dinner faves, along with suggestions for how kids can lend a hand putting them together.

1. Tuesday Night Tacos
Beginner cooks can: Wash and tear lettuce; stir together the chicken and salsa
Experienced helpers can: Cut tortillas with kitchen shears or butter knife; shred chicken
The recipe: Build-Your-Own Chicken Tacos

2. No Cooking Required
Beginner cooks can: Rinse and drain beans; stir together ingredients
Experienced helpers can: Juice the lime; chop the avocado with a butter knife

3. Warming Soup
Beginner cooks can: Coat tortilla strips with cooking spray; assemble soup bowls
Experienced helpers can: Shred the cheese; pluck cilantro leaves
The recipe: Tortilla Soup 

4. Chicken Dinner Winner
Beginner cooks can: Assemble the quesadillas for cooking; stir together the slaw
Experienced helpers can: Shred the chicken; assemble the filling

5. Slow-Cooker Comfort Meal
Beginner cooks can: Help assemble the lasagna
Experienced helpers can: Crack the egg, tear the spinach and stir together the cheese filling

6. Healthier Pizza Night
Beginner cooks can: Roll out the dough; stir together the sauce
Experienced helpers can: Assemble the pizza

Good-for-You Grains & Veg

7. Good-for-You Grains & Veg
Beginner cooks can: Stir together the sauce; assemble the bowls
Experienced helpers can: Shred the carrot; grate the ginger; dice the avocado

Yummy Noodles

8. Yummy Noodles
Beginner cooks can: Stir together the pasta; help assemble the bowls
Experienced helpers can: Halve the tomatoes; shred the cheese

 Allergy-Friendly Fare

9. Allergy-Friendly Fare
Beginner cooks can: Mash the berries and stir together the dip
Experienced helpers can: Chop the berries; toss the chicken and cornmeal with a spoon or fork

Breakfast for Dinner

10. Breakfast for Dinner
Beginner cooks can: Help measure ingredients
Experienced helpers can: Crack and whisk the eggs; shred the cheese