How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Rice

Learn How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Rice! This is one of our Favorite Easter Egg Dying Ideas that we use each year! Perfect for Kids!

How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Rice

I am always on the lookout for Easter Egg Dying Ideas and this year is no exception! We did a few fun methods this year that I wanted to share with you! My favorite was dying Easter Eggs using Rice because it is SO EASY! It’s perfect for Teens and little kids, everyone will love it and it’s pretty low mess!

How to Dye Easter Eggs with Rice

To get started you are first going to want to cook your eggs, I always use my instant pot to make hard boiled eggs. 

How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Rice

Once you have your Hard Boiled Eggs cooled, you will want to soak them in Vinegar for about 5-7 minutes. This step is really important! You don’t want to skip it because the vinegar is what helps you get the bright and vibrant colors!

While your eggs are soaking in the Vinegar you can go ahead and Place about 1 Cup of Rice in a Ziploc Bag, I typically do several bags with different colors!

Place 4-5 Drops of Food Coloring in your Bag of Rice and shake it gently – DO NOT OVER SHAKE IT HERE!

Next, Place your Eggs from the Vinegar into the bags of rice and shake! The more you shake the more covered your Eggs will be. If you want them just slightly dyed then you can just leave them in a little bit. For a stronger color you can leave them in a little longer and shake them around more.

You can also do 2 colored eggs by placing the egg in the lighter color first for longer, then in a darker color for just a little bit!

This process is SO EASY! It’s great for little kids because it’s relatively mess free! I would recommend that you might want gloves to remove the eggs from the rice bags. You can see my finger tips did start to get a little dis-colored, but your kids might not care :)