What The Shape of Your Thumb Actually Means!

Every single part of us has a story to tell about the personality, future possibilities and historical tendencies of out body type. And a body-mind connection of the organism is never something to be doubted.

What The Shape of Your Thumb Actually Means!

In the 21st century, a thumb is enough to identify yourself. The thumb is unique if you compare it towards your other fingers – it has twice the functions than the rest of the fingers on your hand. Just try writing without a functioning thumb…

If you examine your thumb more closely, and compare your findings with these amazing ancient findings, you might reveal stuff about yourself you would never have guessed.

If your thumb is like in the first picture.
That means the both phalanges of the thumb are the same size and length, you are a balanced person and like to talk things through and teach others about their mistakes. You are wise because your knowledge comes from life and practice directly.

If your first phalange is longer than the second one.
Like showed in the second picture, you are a perfectionist for sure! You live in the world of ideas and their manifestations in the real material world rarely give you satisfaction. You tend to read, watch science fictions movies and enjoy the title “innovator” among your friends. Achievements are something you will never stop striving for.

If the top phalange is shorter than the bottom one
Like showed in the third picture, it means you are very realistic and hard -working person. You have firmly oriented goals, and though life can often be “unfair” toward your decisions on your path, you always find ways to overcome the obstacles. The goal never changes for you and you always see it clearly, no matter what. That’s why among your friends you have the title “the reliable one”.
If your thumb is straight and not really flexible while you hold your palm in the thin air,
It means you’re a very stubborn person, which is not necessarily always a bad personality trait. You like to be dominant, but you also have your compromising side, which not always goes out between people. Only the true close persons, who are not very few in your cautious social life, get to know the balanced and not the “stone”, stubborn version of yourself.

If your thumb is flexible while holding your palm in the thin air.
That means you’re more easily expressive and extroverted, but also very emotional. People with flexible thumbs tend to be very creative and artistic, for they must always find new ways to express themselves. This type of thumb is commonly known as “the Hitchhiker’s thumb”.

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